How are the costs of my trips calculated?

The cost of a trip depends on:

  • the duration and distance traveled
  • whether you are using a Round-trip or FLEX vehicle
  • the vehicle category (an additional cost applies for family and utility vehicles)
  • your membership plan

Check out the Rates page of your location to find out the details of our rates.

Several membership plans give you access to multiple pricing options, with the lowest rate automatically applying to your trip.

If you use a Round-trip vehicle:
For example, if you are a Value Plan member and you reserve a Round-trip vehicle, in addition to the basic rates of your plan you will have access to:

  • Long Distance rates
  • rates offered to Open Plus members (Open in Paris).

Members registered on the Value Extra plan also have access to the Workday rate.

Among all these possibilities, you will always be automatically charged the lowest price available for your trip.

If you use a FLEX vehicle:
Other benefits are reserved for Open Plus or Value plan members when they use a FLEX vehicle. For example, these plans allow members to use FLEX vehicles at the Round-trip vehicle rates for their membership plan if this provides a lower price for the trip. This applies regardless of the duration of the trip. However, a minimum of 4 hours is charged if the Round-trip vehicle rate is applied to the FLEX trip.