How do I use Communauto in other provinces and countries?


To use vehicles in another Communauto branch, you will need to register with that branch (registration is free; see instructions below). There are exceptions to this rule for members in Ontario and Quebec, where reciprocal access is automatic, but only for the use of round-trip vehicles: 

  Ontario members  Quebec members 
Round-trip vehicles  Reciprocal access with Quebec  Reciprocal access with Ontario 
FLEX vehicles  Reciprocal access with Quebec  Registration required in Ontario 

Quebec members who want to use FLEX vehicles in Hamilton or Toronto in addition to round-trip vehicles must register with our Ontario branch. The reverse is not true: Ontario members visiting Quebec do not have to register in Quebec to use FLEX vehicles in Quebec City or Montreal. 

This difference is due to the fact that billing methods have not yet been harmonized between the two provinces: FLEX vehicles are still billed monthly in Quebec whereas they are billed on a daily basis in Ontario.  

Please note: If you first register with Communauto in Paris, you will have to wait 6 months before creating a linked Communauto account somewhere else.

Instructions for registering in another branch 

There are no application fees to join another Communauto branch. To join another branch, please go to their website, and enter the following promo code when you fill out the online application form: INTERCO

This promo code will give you access at no additional cost to the nearest equivalent rate plan and damage protection plan to your home branch membership (rates differ between branches, please consult each branch’s website for local rates). 

IMPORTANT: Before using vehicles for the first time in another branch, please also read the “Access to vehicles” section at the end of this question. 

Rate plan and Damage Protection Plan choice

When you fill out the online application form for the branch where you would like to use vehicles as a guest member, pick the same rate plan and Damage Protection Plan that you have in your home branch (except in Paris, where the form will not ask you to choose a rate plan).

Driving Record

There is no need to acquire a new copy of your driving record, the one on file in your home branch will suffice. However, you will need to upload a new picture of your driver’s licence to complete the online application process.


You will receive a separate monthly invoice for your trips in other branches, which will be charged automatically to your credit card.

If you are an Ontario or Quebec member, please note that while vehicle access is reciprocal between these branches, billing is not, and your credit card on file will not work for billing in the other branch. Please follow the instructions on the monthly invoice to make payment.

Access to vehicles

Once your registration has been confirmed in another branch, you will be able to access that branch’s vehicles using the Communauto mobile app. However, you will not be able to access vehicles located in “non-communicating” stations with the mobile app (see “How do I access vehicles located at “non-communicating” stations (usually underground)?”).

If it is important for you to also access vehicles in “non-communicating” stations, we will have to send you the necessary key fob and/or lock box key (the key fob or key card that you may already have on hand will not work in other branches, except for Ontario members visiting Quebec, and vice-versa). You will have to either:

  • contact customer service to ask us to send you a key fob before your departure;
  • or, if your destination is Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau, or Sherbrooke, once you arrive, get a public transportation access card and add it to your Communauto account: the OPUS card in Quebec and Montreal, the Multi Card in Gatineau, or the La vermeilleuse card in Sherbrooke.

In Paris, while it is possible to obtain a public transportation access card (Navigo) and use it to access vehicles, please note this card will not allow you to access vehicles located in “non-communicating” stations.

To register a Navigo card in your customer file, you will need to log into your account online (available in French only): click “Connexion” and then “+ Carte d’accès aux transports publics d’Ile de France”. It is not possible to do this through the mobile app. 

The Navigo card in Paris is only available by subscription (at least weekly). It is therefore preferable, if you plan to go to Paris, to ask us to send you a key card beforehand, unless you are certain that the conditions for obtaining a Navigo card suit you.