What is included in membership and trip costs?

Communauto members can drive with peace of mind knowing that many of the costs of car ownership are included in their membership fees, where applicable, and in the cost of a trip.

Gas: There’s no need to worry about fuel prices because gas is included in the cost of your trip. If you need to fuel up, simply use the gas card provided in each car. If you choose to pay for gas yourself, you’ll be reimbursed for the expense.

Maintenance: All our cars are regularly serviced and seasonally equipped with winter tires, saving you time and money.

Insurance: By default, you are only charged $1.10 per trip in Canada or €1.75 in France in exchange for full coverage. This limits your risk in the event of an accident to a damage fee of $600 in Canada or €600 in France. Other damage protection plans are also available to reduce the cost of a potential damage fee. See our Damage Protection Plan options to learn more.

Parking: Members have access to a range of off-street and on-street parking perks, often better than what’s available to private car owners. See details of the parking options available in your city.