Are there stations where it is necessary to collect a key or access card before you can access the vehicle?

Yes. In some stations, it is necessary to collect a key, an access card, or a remote control to exit or enter the parking lot and/or to be able to get to the vehicle(s).

You will find these access tools in a lock box, or combination box. Do not forget to return the access cards/keys at the end of your trip. In the case of a combination box, the code is provided to you in the mobile app when you make your reservation.

In most cases, but not exclusively, these stations are located in places where there is no cellular communication. If this is the case, see also “How do I access vehicles located at “non-communicating” stations (usually underground)?”.

Please pay attention to the station information for details specific to each location. (See “How do I access detailed information about a vehicle or station?”).