Why does the damage fee apply whether I am at fault or not? (In Canadian branches)

In Canadian branches of Communauto, our insurance policy includes a deductible that applies whether or not the Communauto driver is at fault in the accident. The nature of this insurance policy helps us minimize our overall insurance costs and, therefore, the cost of insurance passed along to members. As a result, the damage fee is also charged to members in the event of an accident or damage during their reservation, regardless of who is at fault in the incident.

This is not the case for our service in France, where the legal framework is different. If you have an accident while using a Communauto vehicle in France, the damage fee applies only to at-fault accidents or those where a third party is not identified. The damage fee does not apply in cases where a third party is found responsible.

See our Damage Protection Plan options on the Rates page for your location to learn more about reducing your financial responsibility in case of an accident.