What should I do if I pick up a messy car?

You can easily report a cleanliness issue (accompanied by photos, if necessary) in the Communauto mobile app by using the Report (damage, cleanliness) feature. Alternatively, you can use the Report (damage, cleanliness) link at the bottom of most pages of our website.

If you have resolved the problem (e.g., disposed of the garbage you found in the car) please remember to include this in the comments of your report. If this is the case, we thank you in advance on behalf of the next members who will use this vehicle.

Everyone is responsible for returning the car at the end of their trip in a clean condition, ready for others to use. Remember that we will credit you for any amount you may have paid for a car wash up to $15 (plus taxes) in Canada and €15 in France. You can then use the app to submit your receipt to us.