What should I do if my key fob or key card doesn’t unlock the car?

If you are having trouble using your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to unlock the FLEX vehicle (see “How do I start my trip with a vehicle I blocked, or spotted on the street?”), there are a couple of things that might be the reason.

Did you block the vehicle in advance?

If you did not block the vehicle in advance, it may simply not be available. You will know if the vehicle is available by looking at the card reader:

  • a green flashing LED, the car is available
  • a red flashing LED, the car is already being used by another member
  • both green and red LEDs flashing, the car has been blocked for use by another member (that member could be you, if you already blocked the car)

In addition, the system may need about 10 seconds to wake up before it can provide a response, or it’s possible there was a communication error. Try fobbing in again if needed.

If you did block the vehicle in advance

There may be a communication issue between the vehicle and our system. Try fobbing in again.

If the FLEX vehicle you are trying to access is in Toronto, Halifax, Calgary or Edmonton, you can try to access it via the mobile app, just click on “Unlock” in the reservation banner.

If you still can’t open the vehicle, please call us so we can diagnose the issue.