How do push-button start vehicles work?

More and more vehicles come with push-button start ignitions. For example, the Toyota Prius V, the Yaris hybrid (in Paris), newer Toyota Corollas, most Kia Rios, the Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan LEAF all have push-button start ignitions.

To turn on these vehicles, hold down the brake pedal, then press the start button, if not you will remain in Neutral and won’t be able to move. Remember to release the parking brake if it is engaged (always check).

Even though there isn’t an ignition key, there is still a car key in the glove box, and you should still take this out and keep it with you on your stopovers to lock and unlock the vehicle. Don’t forget to put the car key back in its holder in the glove compartment at the end of your trip.