How do I end my trip?

How do I end my trip?

To end a trip, you must: 

  1. Return the vehicle to the station where you picked it up.

    If you are returning to a station that you’re less familiar with, you can click on the name of the station in the mobile app to access station information. There you will find instructions for entering/exiting the parking lot (i.e. for a gated lot), or if there are specific parking rules that must be observed at this location. Also watch for alerts that may have been activated to pass along important information about out of the ordinary situations. Alerts are indicated to you when you are selecting your vehicle in the app by a red triangle with an exclamation mark, and the words « Important information »

  2. Plug the car key back into the key/card holder in the glove box, where you took it from at the start of your trip.

    Please note, it is the USB stick or the round plug attached to the car key (not the car key blade) that must be inserted. Ensure the gas cards have been returned as well. The red light on the key/card holder will go off once everything is properly inserted.

  3. Exit the car, close the doors, and in the mobile app, click on “Release” in the reservation banner, or hold your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to the reader to lock the doors and re-arm the anti-theft device (see Please Note).
  4. Always double-check that the doors are locked before leaving the vehicle.

    If the vehicle didn’t lock properly, make sure everything is properly inserted in the key/card holder in the glove box. If the car still won’t lock, make sure all doors (including the tailgate, if applicable) are closed. 

Please Note 

If you used the mobile app to access the vehicle, you will also need to use the mobile app to end your trip. It is not possible to use your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to lock the vehicle and end your trip if you used the mobile app to access the vehicle.

However, the opposite is possible: you can use the mobile app to end a trip started with your key fob (or compatible RFID card).

If you have any problems, please call us for assistance.

Stations with Lock Box or Combination Box

In Quebec, if you are using a car parked at a station with a lock box, please return the keys and/or the parking access card/fob to the box for the next member. If necessary, read the station information available through the mobile app for the specific details for each station. (See “Are there stations where it is necessary to collect a key or access card before you can access the vehicle?“).