What is a FLEX drop-off point and how do I use one?

FLEX drop-off points are designated parking spaces for releasing FLEX cars, located on or off street, generally located outside the FLEX Zone, or in areas where other parking options are limited.

Tips for using FLEX drop-off points:

  • You can start or end a trip at a FLEX drop-off point, but using these spaces for temporary stopovers is not allowed.
  • Parking availability is not guaranteed.
  • To know how many spaces are available before heading to a drop-off point, to know if temporary stops are allowed there, or to find out if any temporary parking restrictions apply (for example, certain drop-off points could be closed for construction, or snow removal), check out the map on our mobile app or website.
  • Parking icons on the map are clickable. Click on an icon to see additional information about specific FLEX drop-off points.

In Montreal :

Curbside drop-off points are exempt from street cleaning parking restrictions in effect from April 1 to December 1. Learn more.