Is it necessary to have a smartphone with data to use your service?

Not necessarily. It depends which of our two service types you plan to use. FLEX service does require the use of a smartphone with data to locate available vehicles through the Communauto mobile app. If you are signing up to use only round-trip vehicles however, you can manage your bookings and vehicle access without using the Communauto mobile app if you choose. You can make reservations through your online account or over the phone.

If you are not using the Communauto mobile app, you will need to use the key fob or card that was provided to you by Communauto to access the vehicles (available upon request if we did not provide you one at the time of registration) or, if you live in Quebec or France, you can use a compatible RFID card that you have previously linked through your online account (see “Regional Specifics” in How do I start my trip once I have a reservation?).

To find out which of our services is available in your area, please visit the “How it Works” page of your local branch.