What is the difference between FLEX and Round-trip vehicles?

Communauto members have access to two kinds of carsharing: one-way FLEX cars available on-demand, and round-trip cars available by reservation.

Please note: Not all Communauto locations offer both FLEX and round-trip services. Please see information about your location to learn what’s available in your city.

Round-trip vehicles available by reservation

This station-based option is considered the “traditional” Communauto service, and it’s the only one available in all our locations.

With this option, you must return the car to its station at the end of the trip. Here are the basics:

  • Pick up the car at the station you selected and return it at the end of the reserved time (being careful not to be late so you don’t inconvenience the next user).
  • Round-trip vehicles can be booked up to a month in advance.

The round-trip option is ideal for planned trips or when you need to make sure you have access to a vehicle at a specific time and place. 

One-way FLEX without reservation

This free-floating option lets you move from point A to B: to pick up a car in one place and release it in another part of the service area outlined in the Communauto app. Once you’ve reached your destination:

  • Release the car within the FLEX zone to minimize the cost of your trip.
  • And as a bonus, enjoy parking perks within the service area, such as parking in permit-only residential areas.

This option is an ideal solution for spontaneous trips or when you plan to return using another transportation mode. Traveling around the city is more flexible than ever!