What are my responsibilities as a Communauto member?

The key to carsharing is that each member returns the car on time, at the right location, and ready for the next member to use. Please remember to:

  • Avoid delays in returning the car to its station if you booked a round-trip vehicle.
  • Respect the parking rules of your location, especially when releasing a FLEX car.
  • Make sure the car is appropriately clean at the end of the trip and remove any belongings.
  • End your trip correctly, making sure the doors are locked before leaving.
  • Inform us right away if you encounter a problem and report any damage that occurred during your trip.

As a courtesy to other users, we ask that you return vehicles with the gas tank at least a quarter full. A gas card is provided to you if you need to fill up. If using a fully electric vehicle, please consult the specific rules for these vehicles.