What is my financial responsibility in case of collision or damage to a vehicle?

When you join, you are asked to select what Damage Protection Plan you’d like to enroll in, which will determine the maximum Damage Fee you will have to pay in case of a collision or damage to a vehicle, as follows:

  • In Canada: $0, $300, or $600 per event
  • In France: €0, €300, or €600 per event

In Canada, in the case of a collision, the Damage Fee is billed regardless of whether you are at fault or not.

In the case of other damage, ensure you do a circle check prior to each trip, and report any new significant damage to the vehicle (a damage card can be found in the glove box of each vehicle). A Damage Fee could be applied to the member who booked the last trip prior to new damage being reported.

Please note, Communauto is not an insurance company. Our auto insurance policies are provided by Unica in Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, by Beneva in Quebec, and by MACIF in France. We do not sell insurance. While Communauto holds auto insurance, the Damage Protection Plan options are in place to limit the costs that would otherwise be billed to members in the event of a collision or damage.