What do you mean by “equivalent” when you refer to “RFID key fob or equivalent”? 

In several Communauto locations, public transit cards can be used as an alternative to a key fob for accessing the vehicles. Like the key fob, these cards often feature RFID technology (short for “radio frequency identification”) and some of them can be saved in your account to allow you to access vehicles. 

You can add a card in the “Vehicle Access Card” section of the app or by signing into your account on the Communauto website. 

For the moment only the following transit cards can be registered for vehicle access: 

• The Navigo card in Paris 

• The Multi card in Gatineau 

• The La Vermeilleuse card in Sherbrooke 

• The Opus card in the Quebec and Montreal regions 

Adding one or other of these cards to your account remains possible even if you have an RFID key.