What is an RFID key fob? 

RFID key fobs – short for “radio frequency identification” – (see photo) are an accessory that was distributed to all Canadian members of Communauto for many years before it became possible to access vehicles with the Communauto mobile app. 

Today, these keys are mainly used to access vehicles that are located in “non-communicating” stations (i.e., where there is no network signal). They are no longer sent out automatically, except for in cities where there are “non-communicating” stations, but it is not possible to register your public transport card instead (see What do you mean by “equivalent” when you refer to “RFID key fob or equivalent”? for more details on this). 

If we have not provided you with an RFID key fob when you registered, you can still request one be sent by mail. Please use the contact form in the app or on your location’s website to make the request. 

To start a journey with an RFID key fob or the equivalent, rather than with the Communauto mobile app, simply hold it near the fob reader attached to the vehicle’s windshield on the driver’s side.