What should I do if the vehicle I reserved is not there?

If the vehicle you reserved is not at the station at the start of your reservation, you can try the following:

  • View your reservation details in the app to double-check the time, location, and car number for your trip.
  • Check the car’s real-time location in the app. If the last member released the car at a different location (e.g., if the usual parking space was occupied) you can use the map on the app to navigate to the car’s exact location.

If none of these solved the issue, please call our hotline. Our customer service team can assist by contacting the previous member or moving your reservation to a nearby vehicle.

Viewing car location before the start of your trip

10 minutes before the start of a reservation, it is usually possible to see your reserved vehicle’s location on the app. However, you must wait for the start of your reservation before accessing the car.

Still don’t see the vehicle on the app?

Don’t worry just yet! This might be because the previous user has not yet released it (if they are returning at the last minute). The vehicle will also not be visible if it is in a non-communicating station (generally underground). Learn more.