Why can’t I shift the start, shorten, or cancel a reservation when its “original start date/time” is in the past?”

This restriction is intended to prevent members from abusing our already generous policies on modifying or cancelling reservations. Otherwise, it would be possible for members to get around the penalties by:

  • shifting the start and end dates/times of a trip to shorten it after the fact, thus avoiding the penalties, or,
  • creating very long reservations that you could shorten every day with the sole aim of ensuring the availability of this vehicle by preventing anyone else from reserving it in advance.

For example, at 10 a.m. you cannot cancel a reservation starting at 11 a.m. if you have already modified the start date/time and it originally started before 10 a.m. If you do need to make this change, you must call us for assistance.

However, it will still be possible for you to release the vehicle by clicking “End trip” in the app (or the “L” on the website). You can also extend the trip if availability permits.

See also: What is the difference between cancelling a reservation and releasing a vehicle?