Roadside assistance

  • Are Communauto vehicles covered by roadside assistance?

    Yes, all Communauto vehicles are covered by a roadside assistance provider. If you encounter an issue during your trip that requires roadside assistance (e.g. dead battery, flat tire) please contact us right away so our customer service team can make the roadside assistance request.

    In Canada, Communauto’s roadside assistance is available for all situations requiring a towing service in Canada or the United States. In France, vehicle assistance services are those provided by Communauto’s insurer and by vehicle manufacturers.

    If the member accepts a tow from another service without Communauto’s authorization, the member may be billed for all or part of the costs arising from this decision.

  • Is roadside assistance available outside the country?

    Yes, for Communauto vehicles in Canada, the roadside assistance coverage also applies in the United States.

    For Communauto vehicles in France, the roadside assistance plan covers trips to other countries in the European Union, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Updated on April 12, 2024

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