How does reserving a round-trip car work?

How does reserving a round-trip car work?

Our round-trip cars can be reserved up to a month in advance. Making a reservation is easy:

  • in the mobile app (or in your online account accessible from your branch’s website), select the start date/time and the end date/time for your trip;
  • click on “Options” if needed, to filter your vehicle selection;
  • click “search”;
  • select the nearest station where there’s an available car that meets your needs.

Then all you need to do is make your way to the car at the selected time and start your trip.

Last-minute booking tips and tricks

While using the mobile app is recommended for making reservations (as it is more user-friendly), it is possible to reserve a round-trip vehicle by logging into your online account. There are still some features only available through your online account that aren’t yet available on the mobile app, primarily the ability to view the “reservation grid”. This tool is useful for last-minute bookings because it allows you to see the exact start and end times of existing reservations for all vehicles in the stations you select. This allows you, if you have some flexibility, to adjust your start and end times to fit your booking between other reservations.