How do I release a car if I’m done using it earlier than expected?

If your reservation has already started, you will be able to release the vehicle, ending your trip early, by selecting « Release » on the mobile app, or « R » or through your online account, accessible through your branch’s website.


If you use your key fob or compatible RFID card (OPUS card, Multi card, La vermeilleuse card, or other) rather than the mobile app to lock the vehicle, it remains necessary to select « Release » on the mobile app, or « R » on through your online account to release the vehicle and make it available for other members. Simply using your key fob to lock the doors will not end your trip.

Remember that no cancellation fees apply beyond the first 24 hours of a trip, so for multi-day trips, ensure that you release the vehicle if you come back early to save the cost of your remaining time. (See « What is the difference between cancelling a reservation and releasing a vehicle?« )