How do I register for Communauto in another location?

To join another branch:

  • visit the Communauto website
  • choose the location where you plan to use the service
  • click on Join Now!
  • complete a NEW APPLICATION

Enter the following promo code when you fill out the online application form: INTERCO

This promo code will give you access at no additional cost to the nearest equivalent rate plan and damage protection plan to your home branch membership.

There is no limit to how many branches you can join as a member.


  • Rates differ between branches, so please consult each branch’s website for local rates.
  • Before using vehicles for the first time in another branch, please also read the “Access to vehicles” section at the end of this question.

Rate plan and Damage Protection Plan choice

When you fill out the online application form for the branch where you would like to use vehicles as a guest member, pick the same rate plan and Damage Protection Plan that you have in your home branch (except in Paris, where the form will not ask you to choose a rate plan).

Driving Record

If a driving record is required, there is no need to obtain a more recent document or submit a document that you submitted when you first registered. However, as you will not be able to complete your registration if you do not upload a document, you will simply need to re-upload your driver’s license to get around this.


Each branch is independent for billing purposes, so you will receive a separate monthly account statement for your trips made elsewhere. The amount due will be automatically charged to your credit card when due.

If you use vehicles in Ontario with a Quebec account, or vice versa, you will not be able to use your credit card at the branch visited. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the monthly invoice to find out how to make your payment.

Access to vehicles

Once your registration has been confirmed in another branch, you will be able to access that branch’s vehicles using the Communauto mobile app. However, you will not be able to access vehicles located in “non-communicating” stations with the mobile app (see How do I access vehicles located at “non-communicating” stations (usually underground)?).

If it is important for you to access vehicles at these stations, we will need to send you what is necessary because your existing RFID key fob or equivalent will not work in another branch (except for Ontarians visiting Quebec and vice versa). In this case, you should either contact customer service to request that we send you an RFID key fob before your departure.