Can I use my Communauto membership in other provinces and countries?

To use vehicles in another Communauto branch, you will need to register (for free) with that branch. There are exceptions to this rule for members in Ontario and Quebec, where reciprocal access is automatic, but only for the use of Round-trip vehicles:

  Ontario members Quebec members
Round-trip vehicles Reciprocal access with Quebec Reciprocal access with Ontario
FLEX vehicles Reciprocal access with Quebec Registration required in Ontario

Quebec members who want to use FLEX vehicles in Hamilton or Toronto in addition to round-trip vehicles must register with our Ontario branch. The reverse is not true: Ontario members visiting Quebec do not have to register in Quebec to use FLEX vehicles in Quebec City or Montreal.

This difference is due to the fact that billing methods have not yet been harmonized between the two provinces: FLEX vehicles are still billed monthly in Quebec whereas they are billed on a daily basis in Ontario.

Please note: If you first register with Communauto in Paris, you will have to wait 6 months before creating a linked Communauto account somewhere else.

Instructions for registering in another branch:

For more information on this subject, see How do I register for Communauto in another location?