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Credits and Incentives

  • Do I get a credit if I fuel the vehicle?

    Do I get a credit if I fuel the vehicle?

    A time credit of up to 20 minutes will be given if your trip is 1 hour or less and billed at the FLEX price, if you make a fuel purchase of $20 (taxes included) or more. If your trip is less than 20 minutes, the time credit will be equivalent to the total trip time.

    Please allow a few business days for the credit to appear on your account.

  • What is a relocation credit and how can I benefit from it?

    What is a relocation credit and how can I benefit from it?

    Relocation credits allow you to save 30 minutes on your trip costs when you help us optimize the distribution of FLEX vehicles by selecting an identified vehicle and releasing it in the designated zone for your city as follows:

    CityRelocation Required for 30-Minute Credit
    EdmontonAnywhere else in the FLEX zone
    HalifaxFrom the Dartmouth FLEX zone into the Halifax FLEX zone
    MontrealInto the Intensive Use area as shown in the mobile app. Learn more
    QuebecFeature not available
    TorontoAnywhere else in the FLEX zone
    HamiltonAnywhere else in the FLEX zone

    FLEX vehicles offering the 30-minute relocation credit are marked with a gift icon in the mobile app.

    The credit granted corresponds to the first 30 minutes of your trip, so you only start paying on the 31st minute. Your trip is also still eligible for other FLEX credits offered: block the vehicle free of charge for up to 30 minutes, giving you time to reach it, snow removal credit of up to 15 minutes, and 20 minute fuelling credit.

    For FLEX Pass holders (where available), the relocation credit cannot be combined with the 30-minute FLEX Pass credit. Only one 30-minute credit will be granted per trip.

  • In the winter, do I get a credit for the time it takes to clear snow from the vehicle?

    In the winter, do I get a credit for the time it takes to clear snow from the vehicle?

    During winter, a credit of up to 15 minutes is applied to your trip for snow removal. Your billed trip time will begin when you start driving, or 15 minutes after you unlock the vehicle, whichever comes first.

    The snow removal credit is applied regardless of the weather. If you use more than one FLEX vehicle in a day, the credit applies to each vehicle used. If you happen to use the same vehicle again during the day, the credit will only apply once.

    The objective of this policy is to give you more value for money, by only billing you for the time you’re actually using the vehicle.

  • How do I take advantage of free use periods during a snowstorm?

    When conditions require it, we often offer free use periods to members to help keep FLEX vehicles off the street and out of the way of snow removal operations. (It is easier to quickly move vehicles that have already been cleared of snow.)

    Free FLEX periods are also offered for reasons other than snow removal, for example, during an intense cold spell, or if we need to quickly move many vehicles in a given area.

    It’s a win-win situation – the more severe the conditions, the more generous our offers are!

    Look for the dark blue snowflake icon in the Communauto app to find FLEX offered free of charge:

    Any free service offered constitutes a time credit: the usual pricing continues to apply beyond a certain number of kilometers (see details for your specific location) on the distance traveled.

    If another free use period is offered the following day, you cannot take advantage of the second free period while keeping the same vehicle.

    Our aim is to allow more members access to this offer if they want to participate.

    General versus targeted free FLEX events:

    When the free period is general, all FLEX vehicles are offered free of charge. In these cases, an email is sent to everyone to inform you of the start and end dates/times of the free period. This information is also displayed on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

    When the free period is targeted, only a certain number of vehicles are included. The free period that applies in this case is always the same, from 3 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next day.

    Announcements for targeted free FLEX events are not always sent by email. Subscribe to our social media (Facebook and/or Twitter) so you don’t miss any updates.

    During a targeted free FLEX event, once you move and release a vehicle, it will no longer display the blue snowflake icon indicating a free car.

    Once a snow event is announced, vehicles often get picked up very quickly. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Updated on September 26, 2022

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