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Driving, Parking, and Ending a Trip (FLEX)

Where can I go with a FLEX vehicle?

You can go anywhere in Canada or in the United States with a FLEX vehicle.

However, at the end of your trip, you must always release the car back inside the FLEX zone, respecting the rules for parking FLEX vehicles in your city.

Where can I park a FLEX vehicle?

During your trip, you are responsible for parking the vehicle legally and respecting signage like any other driver.

At the end of your trip, you must bring the vehicle back inside the FLEX zone (or to a FLEX drop-off point), and release it in a street parking spot that adheres to the FLEX parking rules for your city.

Please review the FLEX Parking Guide for your city of use for the specific regulations and privileges you should be aware of before making a FLEX trip.

Please note: If your FLEX vehicle is equipped with a parking permit and you are travelling to another city where FLEX service is available, you will not have access to the same parking privileges as granted in the vehicle’s city of origin (parking permits from one city are not valid in another).

What is a FLEX drop-off point and how do I use one?

FLEX drop-off points are designated parking spaces for releasing FLEX cars, located on or off street, generally located outside the FLEX Zone, or in areas where other parking options are limited.

Tips for using FLEX drop-off points:

  • You can start or end a trip at a FLEX drop-off point, but using these spaces for temporary stopovers is not allowed.
  • Parking availability is not guaranteed.
  • To know how many spaces are available before heading to a drop-off point, to know if temporary stops are allowed there, or to find out if any temporary parking restrictions apply (for example, certain drop-off points could be closed for construction, or snow removal), check out the map on our mobile app or website.
  • Parking icons on the map are clickable. Click on an icon to see additional information about specific FLEX drop-off points.

In Montreal :

Curbside drop-off points are exempt from street cleaning parking restrictions in effect from April 1 to December 1. Learn more.

How can I make a temporary stopover with a FLEX vehicle?

Keep the car key with you during stopovers and use it to lock and unlock the doors.

This also applies for vehicles with push-button start ignitions.

If you forget to remove the key from the key/card holder (in the glove box) during a temporary stopover, the trip auto-close mechanism will activate after a few seconds, meaning another member could see the vehicle as being available and drive away with it, along with anything you’ve left inside. Do not be distracted!

How do I end a trip with a FLEX vehicle?

To end a trip, you must:

  1. Plug the car key back into the key/card holder in the glove box, where you took it from at the start of your trip. Please note, it is the USB stick or the round plug attached to the car key (not the car key blade) that must be inserted. Ensure the gas cards have been returned as well. The red light on the key/card holder will go off once everything is properly inserted.
  2. Exit the car, close the doors, and in the mobile app, click on “End trip” in the reservation banner, or hold your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to the reader to lock the doors and re-arm the anti-theft device (see Please Note).
  3. Always double-check that the doors are locked before leaving the vehicle. If the vehicle didn’t lock properly, make sure everything is properly inserted in the key/card holder in the glove box. If the car still won’t lock, make sure all doors (including the tailgate, if applicable) are closed.

Please note

If you used the mobile app to access the vehicle, you will also need to use the mobile app to end your trip. It is not possible to use your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to lock the vehicle and end your trip if you used the mobile app to access the vehicle.

However, the opposite is possible: you can use the mobile app to end a trip started with your key fob (or compatible RFID card).

If you have any problems, please call us for assistance.

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  • Credits and incentives
  • When do I fuel the car, and how do the gas cards work?

    While the cost of gas is included in our rates, every member is responsible for making sure they leave the car with at least one-quarter tank of gas at the end of their trip.

    If the gas level drops below one-quarter tank during your trip, we ask that everyone does their part and fuels up (regular grade only in Canada, and preferably SP95-E5 or SP95-E10 in France). This is a matter of courtesy to other members, and it’s never fun to show up to an empty tank.

    A gas card is provided in all vehicles (except 100% electric vehicles). The cards should work at the majority of gas stations in Canada and the United States. In France they will only work at Total, Elan, or Elf.

    The gas cards only allow pay-at-the-pump fuel purchases.

    In Paris, to use a gas card, you must have on hand the codes you received when you joined.

    In Canada, gas cards must be activated via the mobile app to work.

    • During your booking, click “Credit card” in the reservation banner.
    • The pin code you need to enter at the pump will be displayed.
    • The maximum pre-authorization amount is $50 (higher amounts will not work).

    If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use the gas card, please pay for gas out-of-pocket and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

    Although we provide gas cards for your convenience, it is important that you always maintain the ability to make any purchase payments that may be required in the course of your trip. Do not rely entirely on the gas cards!

  • Do I get a credit if I fuel the vehicle?

    A time credit of up to 20 minutes will be given if your trip is 1 hour or less and billed at the FLEX price, if you make a fuel purchase of $20 (taxes included) or more. If your trip is less than 20 minutes, the time credit will be equivalent to the total trip time.

    Please allow a few business days for the credit to appear on your account.

  • What is the range on electric vehicles?

    An electric vehicle’s range will vary depending on driving style, weather, terrain and accessories used when driving (in particular air conditioning and heating). A range of 70km to 120km is typical of the Nissan LEAF. For this reason, we recommend that you use electric vehicles only for urban and suburban trips.

    When using an electric vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough range to complete your trip.

    It is therefore important, before leaving, to check the charge level displayed in the mobile app and/or the number of remaining kilometers displayed on the dashboard.

    If you are driving a FLEX electric vehicle, unless you want to charge it yourself as part of your trip, you need to bring the vehicle back to the service area (or a FLEX drop-off point) and end your trip immediately if the driving range indicated on the dashboard falls below 15 kilometres. Penalties apply if you release the vehicle with less than the driving range required for our team to bring the vehicle to the nearest charging station.

    Please note: you are not allowed to end your trip at public charging stations.

  • Who charges the electric vehicles?

    For FLEX vehicles, the Communauto team charges them, while optimizing vehicle availability. You therefore don’t usually have to worry about bringing them back to a charging pod.

    For round-trip vehicles available by reservation, it is your responsibility to bring 100% electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles back to their station and plug in the charger at the end of your trip. Penalties apply when this is not respected.

  • How can I get a credit for an expense?

    Purchase receipts for gas, washer fluid, or minor maintenance items such as new wiper blades, can be submitted via the mobile app.
    To submit receipts:

    If your reservation is ongoing:

    • Click on “Purchase receipt” in the reservation banner.

    If you reservation has ended:

    • Select the appropriate trip under “My trips” and click on “Add/View receipts”

    Once the expense is verified, the amount(s) indicated on the receipt will be reimbursed on your next monthly invoice. As a precaution, please keep your paper receipt until the credit has appeared on your invoice. Please note: only detailed purchase receipts, and not transaction statements, will be accepted.
    Expenses for items other than gas exceeding $40 must be authorized by Communauto in advance.

Updated on March 18, 2022

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