Starting my trip

How do I start my trip with a vehicle I spotted on the street, or one I blocked allowing time to get there?

To begin a trip, you must:

  1. In the Communauto mobile app, click on “Unlock” in the reservation banner, or if you aren’t using the app, place your key fob, or a compatible RFID card that you have previously registered in your customer profile – see Regional Specifics ), on the reader located on the driver’s side of the windshield.
  2. You can then retrieve the car key from the key/card holder in the glove box (do not forget to put it back at the end of your trip).
  3. You are ready to go!

Regional Specifics In Quebec, members frequently use their transit cards to access vehicles, instead of the mobile app, or the key fobs provided by Communauto in some (not all) branches. The OPUS card in the Quebec and Montreal regions, the STO Multi card in Gatineau and the STS La vermeilleuse card in Sherbrooke can be linked to your account.

Only one transit card can be linked to your account. Once entered, it can be used to access vehicles in all cities in Quebec and Ontario, except Toronto. See “How do I use Communauto in other provinces and countries?

Will my co-member be able to access a FLEX vehicle blocked using my account?

No. The member who blocked the FLEX vehicle must use their own key fob or mobile app to unlock the car.

Please note, this restriction does not exist in the case of round-trip vehicles available by reservation. Co-members can access round-trip vehicles reserved by each other. (See “Will my co-member be able to access my reservations as well?“)

How is the duration of my FLEX trip calculated?

Calculating the price of your trip starts when you access the vehicle with either your key fob or through the mobile app, and ends when the vehicle is released, however, credits apply in some situations.

These include giving you time to clear snow from the vehicle in winter, and as a thank-you for fueling the vehicle or relocating it to a higher-use area. See the related questions for more information.

See also

  • Authorized drivers

    If I join Communauto, can I allow someone else to drive the car?

    For trips where a second driver would be convenient (i.e. on a road trip), non-member drivers are allowed, as long as the registered member accompanies the non-member in the vehicle while they are driving. The non-member must also hold a valid licence.

    If members of your household want to use Communauto vehicles regularly, they should join as a driver on your membership, so they can book and access cars on their own.

    Other registered Communauto members may drive unaccompanied in a vehicle reserved under your name.

    Always remember, a member who allows someone else to drive a vehicle reserved in their name remains fully responsible to Communauto for the vehicle.

    Can I lend a vehicle to someone else during my booking?

    No, you cannot lend a vehicle to someone else, unless they are also a registered Communauto member, in good standing.

    Always remember, a member who allows someone else to drive a vehicle reserved in their name remains fully responsible to Communauto for the vehicle.

  • How do push-button start vehicles work?

    More and more vehicles come with push-button start ignitions. For example, the Toyota Prius V, the Yaris hybrid (in Paris), newer Toyota Corollas, most Kia Rios, the Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan LEAF all have push-button start ignitions.

    To turn on these vehicles, hold down the brake pedal, then press the start button, if not you will remain in Neutral and won’t be able to move. Remember to release the parking brake if it is engaged (always check).

    Even though there isn’t an ignition key, there is still a car key in the glove box, and you should still take this out and keep it with you on your stopovers to lock and unlock the vehicle. Don’t forget to put the car key back in its holder in the glove compartment at the end of your trip.

Updated on March 24, 2022

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