Booking a Car

How does reserving a round-trip car work?

Our round-trip cars can be reserved up to a month in advance. Making a reservation is easy:

  • in the mobile app (or in your online account accessible from your branch’s website), select the start date/time and the end date/time for your trip;
  • click on “Options” if needed, to filter your vehicle selection;
  • click “search”;
  • select the nearest station where there’s an available car that meets your needs.

Then all you need to do is make your way to the car at the selected time and start your trip.

Last-minute booking tips and tricks

While using the mobile app is recommended for making reservations (as it is more user-friendly), it is possible to reserve a round-trip vehicle by logging into your online account. There are still some features only available through your online account that aren’t yet available on the mobile app, primarily the ability to view the “reservation grid”. This tool is useful for last-minute bookings because it allows you to see the exact start and end times of existing reservations for all vehicles in the stations you select. This allows you, if you have some flexibility, to adjust your start and end times to fit your booking between other reservations.

When making a reservation, am I always required to indicate my return time?

Yes. When using a round-trip vehicle (unlike one-way FLEX vehicles available without reservation), you must always select the start date/time and end date/time for your trip.

We do suggest giving yourself a little extra time when making a reservation, rather than risk being late. The cost of an extra hour or half-hour is far less than a late fine, and you won’t run the risk of inconveniencing another member.

However, you can extend your reservation once it has begun, for as long as the car is available. In the app, use the “Extend” button to add time to your trip. The app will also display how long the car is available before the next member’s booking is scheduled to start.

Can I pick up a round-trip vehicle in one place and drop it off in another?

No, a round-trip vehicle available by reservation must always be brought back to the same station where you picked it up. Otherwise, the next member with a reservation won’t be able to find the vehicle.

See also

  • Authorized drivers

    If I join Communauto, can I allow someone else to drive the car?

    For trips where a second driver would be convenient (i.e. on a road trip), non-member drivers are allowed, as long as the registered member accompanies the non-member in the vehicle while they are driving. The non-member must also hold a valid licence.

    If members of your household want to use Communauto vehicles regularly, they should join as a driver on your membership, so they can book and access cars on their own.

    Other registered Communauto members may drive unaccompanied in a vehicle reserved under your name.

    Always remember, a member who allows someone else to drive a vehicle reserved in their name remains fully responsible to Communauto for the vehicle.

    Can I lend a vehicle to someone else during my booking?

    No, you cannot lend a vehicle to someone else, unless they are also a registered Communauto member, in good standing.

    Always remember, a member who allows someone else to drive a vehicle reserved in their name remains fully responsible to Communauto for the vehicle.

  • Will my co-member be able to access my reservations as well?

    Yes. Your co-member will be able to unlock your reservations with their key fob (or compatible RFID card) and vice-versa. However, note that the same key fob (or compatible RFID card) that was used to start a trip must be used to end the trip.

    In Alberta and Nova Scotia, your co-member will also be able to unlock your round-trip reservations through their account on the mobile app. The same account must be used to complete the trip.

    Please note for FLEX trips that only the member who blocked the car will be able to unlock it. (See “Will my co-member be able to access a FLEX vehicle blocked using my account?“).

  • Do you provide accessories such as bike racks or child seats?

    We do not provide bike racks or rooftop cargo carriers, however you are welcome to purchase your own and use them with our vehicles.

    In Quebec and Paris, child seats are available in some round-trip vehicles. To search for these vehicles, select “Baby s. less than 18 kg”, or “Baby s. less than 30 kg” (do not select both at the same time) in the options menu under vehicle search on the mobile app.

  • What do I do if something unexpected happens (e.g. being late, collision, flat tire, mechanical problem)?

Updated on March 18, 2022

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