Booking a Car

  • How do I reserve a Round-trip vehicle?

    Round-trip vehicles can be reserved up to a month in advance. Making a reservation is easy:

    • In the mobile app (or in your online account on your city’s website), go to Search and enter the start and end times for your trip
    • Swipe up on the search tab to see more Options to filter your search
    • Click Find vehicle
    • Select the nearest station where there’s an available car that meets your needs.

    Then all you need to do is make your way to the car at the selected time and start your trip.

    Last-minute booking tips and tricks

    Are you familiar with the reservation grid? This tool is helpful for a last-minute reservation because it allows you to know the exact start and end times of reservations on all vehicles at a station or a selection of stations. This means if your timing is flexible, you can adjust your selection to fit between two reservations.

    Only reservations starting within the next 72 hours give access to this tool.

    To access the reservations grid in the mobile app, click on the gray icon of a station where you cannot find vehicles after searching with your start and end time. Then select View other availability.

    You can also view the reservation grid by logging into your account on the website for your location. Simply check the box to Show reservation grid before clicking on Show available cars.

  • When making a reservation, am I always required to indicate my return time?

    Yes. When using a round-trip vehicle (unlike one-way FLEX vehicles available without reservation), you must always select the start date/time and end date/time for your trip.

    We do suggest giving yourself a little extra time when making a reservation, rather than risk being late. The cost of an extra hour or half-hour is far less than a late fine, and you won’t run the risk of inconveniencing another member.

    However, you can extend your reservation once it has begun, for as long as the car is available. In the app, use the “Extend” button to add time to your trip. The app will also display how long the car is available before the next member’s booking is scheduled to start.

  • Can I pick up a round-trip vehicle in one place and drop it off in another?

    No, a round-trip vehicle available by reservation must always be brought back to the same station where you picked it up. Otherwise, the next member with a reservation won’t be able to find the vehicle.

  • Why don’t you have a station close to where I live?

    The two most common reasons are because there is not enough demand in the area or not enough available parking. Unfortunately, we cannot always add stations in the exact locations where we would like to offer the service. This challenge can be greater in some cities and neighbourhoods than in others. Where possible, we work hard to obtain the political support necessary to be able to access parking in locations that might otherwise be unavailable to our service.

    When we do expand to new locations, we generally add new stations “step by step”, i.e. at locations that are close to existing stations. We aim to have multiple stations within walking distance of each other, so members have useful alternatives if a car is not available at their preferred station.

    We sometimes add stations in locations that are somewhat isolated from our other stations if we see there are already enough members in the area to justify an expansion.

    We are of course open to suggestions, but above all we rely on objective criteria to plan the network. We regularly conduct analyses to monitor changes in demand, and our teams are always on the lookout for parking spaces for new stations.

Updated on March 20, 2024

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