Driving, Parking, and Ending a Trip

How do I end my trip?

To end a trip, you must:

If you used the mobile app to access the vehicle, you will also need to use the mobile app to end your trip. It is not possible to use your key fob (or compatible RFID card) to lock the vehicle and end your trip if you used the mobile app to access the vehicle.

However, the opposite is possible: you can use the mobile app to end a trip started with your key fob (or compatible RFID card).

If you have any problems, please call us for assistance.

Stations with Lock Box or Combination Box

In Quebec, if you are using a car parked at a station with a lock box, please return the keys and/or the parking access card/fob to the box for the next member. If necessary, read the station information available through the mobile app for the specific details for each station. (See “Are there stations where it is necessary to collect a key or access card before you can access the vehicle?“).

How do I release a car if I’m done using it earlier than expected?

If your reservation has already started, you will be able to release the vehicle, ending your trip early, by selecting “Release” on the mobile app, or “R” or through your online account, accessible through your branch’s website.


If you use your key fob or compatible RFID card (OPUS card, Multi card, La vermeilleuse card, or other) rather than the mobile app to lock the vehicle, it remains necessary to select “Release” on the mobile app, or “R” on through your online account to release the vehicle and make it available for other members. Simply using your key fob to lock the doors will not end your trip.

Remember that no cancellation fees apply beyond the first 24 hours of a trip, so for multi-day trips, ensure that you release the vehicle if you come back early to save the cost of your remaining time. (See “What is the difference between cancelling a reservation and releasing a vehicle?“)

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  • Can I pick up a round-trip vehicle in one place and drop it off in another?

    No, a round-trip vehicle available by reservation must always be brought back to the same station where you picked it up. Otherwise, the next member with a reservation won’t be able to find the vehicle.

  • When do I fuel the car, and how do the gas cards work?

    While the cost of gas is included in our rates, every member is responsible for making sure they leave the car with at least one-quarter tank of gas at the end of their trip.

    If the gas level drops below one-quarter tank during your trip, we ask that everyone does their part and fuels up (regular grade only in Canada, and preferably SP95-E5 or SP95-E10 in France). This is a matter of courtesy to other members, and it’s never fun to show up to an empty tank.

    A gas card is provided in all vehicles (except 100% electric vehicles). The cards should work at the majority of gas stations in Canada and the United States. In France they will only work at Total, Elan, or Elf.

    The gas cards only allow pay-at-the-pump fuel purchases.

    In Paris, to use a gas card, you must have on hand the codes you received when you joined.

    In Canada, gas cards must be activated via the mobile app to work.

    • During your booking, click “Credit card” in the reservation banner.
    • The pin code you need to enter at the pump will be displayed.
    • The maximum pre-authorization amount is $50 (higher amounts will not work).

    If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use the gas card, please pay for gas out-of-pocket and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

    Although we provide gas cards for your convenience, it is important that you always maintain the ability to make any purchase payments that may be required in the course of your trip. Do not rely entirely on the gas cards!

  • How can I get a credit for an expense?

    Purchase receipts for gas, washer fluid, or minor maintenance items such as new wiper blades, can be submitted via the mobile app.
    To submit receipts:

    If your reservation is ongoing:

    • Click on “Purchase receipt” in the reservation banner.

    If you reservation has ended:

    • Select the appropriate trip under “My trips” and click on “Add/View receipts”

    Once the expense is verified, the amount(s) indicated on the receipt will be reimbursed on your next monthly invoice. As a precaution, please keep your paper receipt until the credit has appeared on your invoice. Please note: only detailed purchase receipts, and not transaction statements, will be accepted.
    Expenses for items other than gas exceeding $40 must be authorized by Communauto in advance.

Updated on March 18, 2022

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