Modifying or Canceling a Reservation

Are there penalties for cancelling a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation (or change the start time or shorten it) at no charge if you cancel more than 2 hours prior to the reservation’s original start time or before 9am on the reservation date.

If you cancel a reservation within 2 hours before its original start time, you will be charged for 50% of the original time booked.

If your reservation is longer than 24 hours, please note that no cancellation fees apply beyond the first 24 hours of a booking.

Although it is always possible to cancel, postpone or shorten a reservation without penalty before 9am (in fact, between 12am and 9am), it is important to take into account that any reserved time that has already lapsed remains billable (for example, if at 8:45am you cancel a reservation that started at 7am, you will still be billed for 1 hour and 45 minutes).

“Original start date/time” mean when it comes to the modification and cancellation policy

It refers to the start date/time that you entered when you first made your reservation.

If we didn’t take this information into account, it would be easy to bypass our cancellation policy by rescheduling the start date/time and then cancelling the reservation afterwards. With the original information being taken into account, it simply means, for example, that at 10am, you won’t be able to cancel a reservation that begins at 11am if you have already changed the reservation’s start time, and the reservation originally started before 10am. You will, however, be able to release the vehicle.

What is the difference between cancelling a reservation and releasing a vehicle?

If your reservation hasn’t started yet, you will be able to cancel the reservation through the mobile app or website. Open the trip and click “Cancel” on the mobile app, or “C” on the website. If your reservation has already started, you will be able to release the vehicle, ending your trip early, by selecting “Release ” on the mobile app, or “R” on the website.

Releasing a vehicle means the elapsed portion of your trip remains billable, and makes the vehicle available again so that it can be reserved by someone else.

Taking the time to release a vehicle if you bring it back earlier than expected allows others to use it without delay, and helps optimize vehicle availability. We strongly encourage you to do this, on behalf of other grateful members who will appreciate the availability.

Releasing a vehicle may not save you money for a short trip, but if your reservation is several days long, keep in mind that no cancellation fees apply beyond the first 24 hours of a trip

So remember to release the vehicle if you come back early to save the cost of any extra days.

Important to know

Using the Communauto mobile app to lock the doors at the end of your trip will have the effect of “Releasing” the vehicle. You therefore have nothing else to do.

On the other hand, if you use your key fob or key card to lock the vehicle at the end of your trip, you will have to select “Release” on the mobile app, or “R” on the website to successfully “Release” the vehicle. Failing to do so means you will not have shortened your reservation.

For more details on the different ways to access and end a trip, see “How do I start my trip once I have a reservation?” and “How do I end my trip?“.

See also

  • What do I do if something unexpected happens (e.g. being late, collision, flat tire, mechanical problem)?

    If you encounter an unexpected problem, please ensure you are stopped in a safe place, then phone our customer service team 24/7 so that we can handle the situation and avoid any unfortunate consequences for the following member (no call fees are charged for calls regarding a problem or an emergency).

    If you require roadside assistance, the customer service agent will be able to help you arrange for this.

    If your intention is simply to extend your reservation at the last minute, you can do so using the mobile app (or through your online account accessible from your branch’s website), unless the vehicle is not available for an extension. A call charge applies to extend your reservation over the phone.

Updated on March 22, 2022

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