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Electric Vehicles

  • What is the range on electric vehicles?
    An electric vehicle’s range will vary depending on driving style, weather, terrain and accessories used when driving (in particular air conditioning and heating). A range of 70km to 120km is typical of the Nissan LEAF. For this reason, we recommend that you use electric vehicles only for urban and suburban trips. When using an electric vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough range to complete your trip. It is therefore important, before leaving, to check the charge level displayed in the mobile app and/or the number of remaining kilometers displayed on the dashboard. If you are driving a FLEX electric vehicle, unless you want to charge it yourself as part of your trip, you need to bring the vehicle back to the service area (or a FLEX drop-off point) and end your trip immediately if the driving range indicated on the dashboard falls below 15 kilometres. Penalties apply if you release the vehicle with less than the driving range required for our team to bring the vehicle to the nearest charging station. Please note: you are not allowed to end your trip at public charging stations.
  • Who charges the electric vehicles?
    For FLEX vehicles, the Communauto team charges them, while optimizing vehicle availability. You therefore don’t usually have to worry about bringing them back to a charging pod. For round-trip vehicles available by reservation, it is your responsibility to bring 100% electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles back to their station and plug in the charger at the end of your trip. Penalties apply when this is not respected.
  • What if an electric vehicle’s battery runs low during my trip?
    Electric Circuit cards are available in every 100% electric vehicle. To use a charging station, use the Electric Circuit card located in the key/card holder in the glove box (don’t forget to put it back, otherwise you won’t be able to end your trip properly). You get free access to all standard (240 volt) and fast-charge (400 volt DC) charging stations throughout the Electric Circuit network, including the charging stations in the “FLO” network: maximum consecutive charging time of 30 minutes for 400 volt terminals. Additional fees could apply in case of abuse. Find a station. If the battery runs out completely during your trip, our customer service team will put you in touch with roadside assistance (fees may apply).
Updated on September 26, 2022
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