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Vehicles and Accessories

What vehicle types are available from Communauto?

Our fleets are broadly made up of compact hatchbacks and mid-size sedans, for example the Toyota Prius C, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and Toyota Corolla.

In some branches there are larger (Toyota Prius V, Toyota RAV4) and more specialized vehicles (Nissan NV200, Dodge Caravan). Please check with your branch about what vehicles types are available.

All of our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, and most also have USB ports. Newer models will have Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for hands-free calling, and rear-view cameras. Many cars also have cruise control and heated seats.

When reserving round-trip vehicles, you may use the “Options” tool in the mobile app to search for a specific vehicle category or set of accessories.

In the winter, all vehicles are equipped with winter tires, a snow brush, and snow shovel.

Do your cars have automatic or standard transmission?

All of our vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission.

In Paris, our fleet is made up of vehicles with both automatic AND manual transmission.

Do you provide accessories such as bike racks or child seats?

We do not provide bike racks or rooftop cargo carriers, however you are welcome to purchase your own and use them with our vehicles.

In Quebec and Paris, child seats are available in some round-trip vehicles. To search for these vehicles, select “Baby s. less than 18 kg”, or “Baby s. less than 30 kg” (do not select both at the same time) in the options menu under vehicle search on the mobile app.

Are your vehicles equipped with winter tires?

All of our vehicles have winter tires installed from November to April.

In Paris, our vehicles are equipped with four-season tires year-round.

We generally begin doing tire changes in early October and mid April every year.

To check if a vehicle has winter tires installed, look for “w.tires” in the vehicle features list when making your booking.

In the winter, please allow plenty of time at the start of your trip for clearing snow or ice from the vehicle, and allow for extra driving time during periods of poor weather.

How do push-button start vehicles work?

More and more vehicles come with push-button start ignitions. For example, the Toyota Prius V, the Yaris hybrid (in Paris), newer Toyota Corollas, most Kia Rios, the Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan LEAF all have push-button start ignitions.

To turn on these vehicles, hold down the brake pedal, then press the start button, if not you will remain in Neutral and won’t be able to move. Remember to release the parking brake if it is engaged (always check).

Even though there isn’t an ignition key, there is still a car key in the glove box, and you should still take this out and keep it with you on your stopovers to lock and unlock the vehicle. Don’t forget to put the car key back in its holder in the glove compartment at the end of your trip.

Updated on March 16, 2022

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