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Violations and Tolls

What should I do if I get a ticket during my trip?

Members are responsible for any vehicle-related fine received during your booking period, whether it is a parking or traffic violation. If you receive a ticket during your trip, you will save a $20 administrative fee if you go ahead and pay it yourself.

If you don’t pay it upfront, once we receive the infraction notice by mail, we will pay the ticket and apply the infraction amount to your account, along with the $20 administrative fee. For tickets received in France, you will receive an email with the necessary instructions depending on the type of ticket received.

What happens if the car I used is ticketed and/or towed?

When parking a vehicle during or at the end of your trip, you are responsible for making sure the vehicle is parked in a designated space, or in an area with no parking restrictions.

If the vehicle is left in an area with parking restrictions and receives a ticket or is towed, you will be fully responsible for all costs incurred.

Administrative fees will also be charged, depending on the circumstances. Please refer to the Penalties and other fees document on the Terms of Use page for further details.

Can I drive on a toll route or bridge with a Communauto vehicle?

Yes. We will add any toll charges to your monthly invoice once they have been billed to us. We do not bill any additional administration fees for the use of toll roads or bridges.

Some branches have toll road or toll bridge transponders in the vehicles for your convenience, as follows:

HalifaxMACPASS PLUS – for the Halifax-Dartmouth bridges, and Halifax Stanfield Airport parking
SW Ontario407 ETR Transponder – for the Highway 407 ETR, and provincial toll highways 407, 412, and 418
Toronto407 ETR Transponder – for the Highway 407 ETR, and provincial toll highways 407, 412, and 418

Please note that toll charges may not be invoiced during the same month as your trip, depending on when we receive the toll invoice.

Updated on March 22, 2022

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